Before & After

Did you know when I download images from my camera, they go through an extensive multi-step process before they're uploaded to a gallery? With modern digital photography, photographers have essentially taken over the role that a professional developing lab would fill as they developed film photographs in years past.

When I download images, they go from my camera into Adobe Lightroom, where I cull (choose the keepers), crop, and adjust basics like exposure and color balance. From there, all of the keepers are exported to Adobe Photoshop, where I individually retouch skin tones and anything that draws my attention like stray hairs, fuzz, and lint. Before the editing is complete, I will enhance the colors and add special filters to give a finished look to every photo.

Here are a few examples of portraits before and after:




Some images (especially those with multiple young children) will even get a head or body swap, where I take the head or body from one image and blend it seamlessly into another photo to create the perfect family portrait that you will love!

The time I spend with my clients on location at their portrait session is actually just a fraction of the total time a custom portrait session requires from start to finish! 

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