Learning to ride your bike. Slumber parties. Graduating high school. Meeting the love of your life.


Now you’re all grown up, like it or not, and the children you’ve dreamed of are here in your arms. Only a blink of time has passed since your parents were removing your training wheels and you were screaming, “Don’t. Let. Go!” How many blinks are left before your babies are setting off on their own? 

I get it. I’ve watched my own children crawl, walk, run, and now I’m sending my oldest to middle school. My heart is full of joy as I look back at the moments of their lives I’ve captured over the last 11 years, each image reminding me of those moments I forever want to hold close.

I want to help you hold your moments close, too.

Let's take some beautiful pictures.


Professional portrait photographer

Based in Kent, Ohio.

All portrait sessions are on-location and there's no travel fee (unless you want me to go to Chicago, or New York, or St. Lucia. Then we'll chat!) Over several years as a full-time photographer I've curated a list of stunning locations in the Northeast Ohio area, including spots in Hudson, Chagrin Falls, Aurora, Wadsworth, Cuyahoga Falls, Cleveland, Akron, and Canton. Picking a backdrop to match your vision is one of my favorite parts of preparing for our photography session together!



Maternity & Newborn

Babies & Children



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