I've been photographing families in Northeast Ohio since 2009.

I have two children - a boy and a girl. I love them fiercely and find their differences and similarities endlessly fascinating. My husband is a science teacher, and we've been married for going on 15 years. I want my family photos to show my kids how much they were loved in all the little ways and the big ones, too. It's truly my joy to be able to create images for other families for this same reason.

I want to document your happiness and affection.

I adore working with people who laugh so hard they cry, who love to hug and snuggle and smooch their kids, and who are able to giggle a bit when their two year old takes a face-plant into the mud puddle.

I believe children are imperfect and innocent, and they are all the more beautiful for it. 

I am

half city, half country. hoarder of tote bags. cookie baker. tofu eater. very much a hufflepuff. coffee mug collector (but I only actually use 2 of them). road trip taker. list maker. beer drinker. dog obsessed. polite. intrigued by antiques. book worm. yoga challenged.

I love

npr. vibrant color. girl power. not wearing socks. good grammar. silence. dimples. zinnias. the smell of a dewy morning in the forest. 90s grunge music. binge reading sci-fi and fantasy series'. live music. funny cat videos. buying flowers at the farmer's market.