On Location Headshots in Cleveland

Consultants, artists, creative professionals, bloggers, realtors – you are your brand. Having great headshots to use online (and in print) is so incredibly important when almost everyone will look you up online before using your services. Your headshot or professional business portrait is your first impression!

Kristin Kirkpatrick came to me needing some new images to add personality and warmth to her website. We were able to create a variety of different looks right in the comfort of her own home. Love the natural light in all of these images – it gives everything such a bright, fresh feel. Kristin’s blue dress provided the perfect amount of pop on her neutral couch with artwork in the background. 


Of course, working with food, we threw in a few obligatory chopping-vegetable shots in the kitchen. It may feel silly, but images like this can really help your brand and give people a more complete view of who you are and what you do. 


Favorites! We finished up the headshot session with some images outside. Kristin’s dog Chloe was shy but willing, and her goats were just chilling in the background.